About us – CZ

Basic school Vlachovice in Zlín district is a fully organized village school. It is located in the village Vlachovice about 30 km far from the town Zlín.
It provides general education for pupils from class 1 to 9 and the age from 6 to 15 years. There is only one class for each year.
Teaching takes place in classrooms and special classrooms for some subjects (Physics, Chemistry, English, German, IT). We use the gym, the space for outdoor learning and the school garden. The school comprises 2 buildings.
For the last several years the number of the pupils has been around 160. The pupils come from the local village and the villages nearly.
Some pupils leave our school after class 5 to study at a multi-year grammar school so we are deprived of gifted students. This fact is reflected in the pupils working morale and behaviour ( classes 6 -9). That´s why it makes much effort to master the basic curriculum and to create working atmosphere in the lessons.
Some pupils with special educational needs are taught at our school as well. It´s taken into account the medical condition of each pupil. Currently, 5 pupils are integrated into regular classes.
Teaching staff consists of 15 teachers ( 5 men, 10 women).
We have joined the project because we believe it is an opportunity for our teachers and pupils to exchange experiences in the educational process. It is also an opportunity to improve and deepen the language skills in English. It can open the space to our pupils for the perception of Europe as no-frontier territory. The project aims to protect the nature and to realize that the man is a part of the nature.


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