About us – FR


Our «Collège Louis Pergaud» welcomes 210 pupils aged 10-15 divided in 8 classes in 4 teaching levels ( 6ème to 3ème).
Settled in a small city of 2800 inhabitants, it welcomes local children and also children from 4 nearby little towns.
It is located 1O kms from the medium-sized city of Toul, and 35 kms from the capital city of the Lorraine region, Nancy.
The activity of Toul is predominantly industrial: one of its  most important firms makes cast-iron pipes ( Groupe Saint-Gobain, Pont-à-Mousson).
Three main aspects are of a great interest for our our pupils:
Having a better knowledge of their local heritage while introducing it to others
Having the obligation to communicate with others in a foreign language ( and we all know that learning languages is often neglected by pupils)
Being brought face to face with other cultures and being led towards the urge to be more mobile.


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