About us – IT

Our school includes 3 different grades of school: kindergarten, primary school, middle school. It’s a state school situaded in the centre of a medium size town of about 60.000 inhabitants, 45 km from Milan, in the area od Milan’s airport Malpensa.
The project will involve mainly our  16 classes of  the primary school.
We will collaborate with the coordinator school in the planning and organisation of the project, both in the didattic schedule and the meeting planning.
We will try to srenghten the use uf the new technologies in our institute and the use of the interactive whiteboard in the class didattic as a medium of work and  exchange with the partners. We’ve also started in 2011-12 a special project focused on the  CLIL methodology and will experimentate some modules on the ecology themes of this Comenius Project as a part of the  CLIL project in the classes intrested (4 classes year 2, 3 classes year 1) .
The 40% of our  pupils are from immigrant origins, the 10% of which is at risk of social exclusion.
There are 4 special needs kids and about 20 children suffering from learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia with a diagnosis.
Moreover, the project will give us a chance to educate our children to be open-minded and interculturally orientated promoting a strong European dimension in the institute, in the teachers, in the pupils and in their families.
Sience many of our pupils in  the future have a chance to work in Malpensa airport, it is very important,  in our opinion, to give importance and understanding of the environment protection in an European vision (Malpensa is an airport inside a regional park, Parco Regionale del Ticino).


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