First meeting – ITALY

Our first meeting

15th – 18th of October 2012



– organizing a contest for the best LOGO and MASCOT of project in each partner schools
– preparing the DIARY for the mascot

1st questionnaire about the species of trees:
– recognizing trees from images
– recognizing the leaves  and seeds
– recognizing 5 trees from the school yard

– beginning of the activities for the first part:
1. What is a tree? (parts, role of each part, leaves, seeds, growing, inventory of trees in each partner school garden)
– colecting leaves and seeds for the HERBARIUM

– contest: identify species of trees around the schoo / park / town
– application of the first questionnaire again to compare the results with the initial application
– prepare a table in which will be presented through images, the tree species

– select the representative LOGO and MASCOT in each school
– plant the first trees in the EUROPEAN GARDEN
– first record in diary

Preparing the materials to be presented at the first project meeting:
– the questionnaire results
– presentation of activities in the first part of the project
– the table with trees and photos
– the photo for the calendar (one of the final products)


Our activities:



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