About us – LV

In March 1998 local government made a decision to reorganize Dobele Town Gymnasium by establishing two separate schools- Dobele State Gymnasium and Dobele Elementary  School No.1, that turned into Dobele Secondary School No.1 in 1999. There are about 670 students and 70 staff members in school. The slogan of our school is ‘’Let’s walk along a rainbow road by learning to become cleverer, to be able to exists and to be together.”
The main object promoted by the school is to support, encourage, teach and educate our students so that they are ready for real life. Our school team follows the principle- strengthen the ones who are strong and support the ones who are weak. After the 6th grade about a half of our students mainly those who are more motivated and talented leave our school and start their studies in Dobele State Gymansium therefore our most difficult task is to motivate those who decide to stay in our school as they are less motivated, less capable and less advanced in their communication skills, as well as to support the students who have been affected by existing social problems. More and more parents are leaving the country for working abroad and students have to stay with their grandparents. A lot of students are missing their parents and feeling lonely and unwanted.
In 2010 the school was reconstructed to give the possibility to attend the school for students with special needs. Our school has got many different clubs and activities including Music, Dancing, Art and it gives its input in town’s cultural life.


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