About us – PT

Colégio Infante Santo (Instituto Educativo do Ribatejo S. A.) is located in Tremês, a rural area near Santarém (city district), 80 Km north from Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Our school is included in the Portuguese school network and provides a public and free education of quality to students from 10 to 15 years old. Our children have little cultural knowledge and intelectual role-models.
The project will involve students of our 20 classes. With this project, we aim to develop, among our pupils, the use of new technologies, the knowledge of English language, the respect for multiculturalism and, most of all, the need to preserve forests and the environment (we are an ecological school: we participate in a national program that certificates schools with an ecological action and this project will help to develop that environmental worries).
Part of our student population has immigrant origins (mainly African and eastern Europe countries) and is in risk of social exclusion, due to the economic difficulties or the unemployment of their parents. We also have diagnosed children suffering from learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.
With this project, we will surely develop among our school community (students, families, teachers and other staff) an European consciousness!


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