About us – RO


Our school is located in the outskirts of the town. It is a lower grammar school with 858 pupils between 6 and 15. Quite a number of them come from one-parent families.
Following an evaluation performed by a specialised committee, 15 of our pupils have been found to special educational needs. They are all integrated with the rest of the pupils in the school. All these students are treated in a very specific educational way, as they need permanent moral and material support and special monitoring. Their curricula are minimal for each and every subject.
10 to 20 of our pupils have deviant behaviour that require special educational strategies and close monitoring. Some of them are orphans or have one unemployed parent. Special attention is given to them so that their situation may not influence their school progress.
A significant number of our pupils are left with their grandparents or neighbours, as their parents are working abroad.
We can say that a great number of them come from a low cultural background, others have parents who cannot ensure proper living conditions in their families as they are unemployed or are no longer on wellfare and have not yet found work. Many of our students live in families where violence and alcohol have a negative influence on them, which is one of our major concerns. An important number of parents are not able to exercise a real control over their children.
To prevent early school leaving, we organized an after-school program (supported by parents). Most students who are enrolled in this program are those of primary school.  After the compulsory hours, students eat, sleep (or rest in their bed) and do their homework under the supervision and guidance of teachers. The most appreciated part (by students and their parents) is that there are special classes in school after-school, in which all students participate in this program.


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