About us – ES

The CEIP Roque Aguayro is in Agüimes, a small rural village at south-east coast of Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands, Spain. Although this village has been a farming region for many years, nowadays most of the inhabitants work in activities related with the tourism.

Most of the children who come to our school, live in the village. There are no foreign students. Children remain in the school until they are 12 years old, during this perios they don’t have any contact with students of other nationalities.

As we are far from the mainland and the continent, it is very difficult for us to be in contact with teachers and students from other countries, so we can’t share our experiences or culture with the rest of European coleagues.

For these reasons, the group of teachers have decided to participate in the European Comenius Project. Joining this project will bring us profits such as: knowing and shsaring educational systems and teaching and learning methodologies; using ICT; improving English (official language of the association); improving teachers coordination; correspondence exchange between pupils; carrying out different activities with other schools, etc.


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